Every day, there are billions of people who are using their smartphones to access the internet. Research indicates that the number will get even higher over the years as more people get access to internet-enabled mobile phones. If you have a business online, you should ensure that your web design is mobile friendly so that you tap into this growing market.

Why You Need Mobile Friendly Web Design

  • Increases the number of people accessing your site: Most people access the internet through mobile phones. This means that if your website is mobile-friendly, then they are likely to find you and engage with your content.
  • Search engines will prioritise your site : To be easily found on search engines such as Google, you should be on mobile. This is because they give priority to websites that are available on mobile when they are ranking them.
  • It gives your customers value: Your customers should not have to struggle to find you. They feel more valued if you make an effort to ensure that your content is available to them in different forms on different platforms.
  • Improves your brand: Creating a strong brand should be one of the key areas you think about when coming up with a website. Ultimately, if you want your brand to be recognised by many people within a short time, then you should be using a mobile-friendly web design so that you can be found by people who are using different devices.
  • It makes you credible: If you do your research, you will realise that most popular websites are available on mobile and desktop. Undoubtedly it makes your business look more credible if you are available across different platforms.
  • Boosts sales: When more people are accessing your site, there are more chances that you will get better sales. Improved traffic always attracts improved sales, and that should be the ultimate goal for business owners.

It is becoming the norm to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Most web designers will tell you that it is now standard practise that when you are designing a site, you should think of how it will be accessed by people on mobile devices.