Your website design can be what makes or breaks your business. In many ways, the design which you choose will determine how people perceive you. That is why you should ensure that your website meets the essential criteria of being simple, having an easy to use interface, and fast loading time.

Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Website

  • Having too much going on: There is a common misconception that the more items you have on your site, the better. The opposite is actually true. Your website should be simple, and you should avoid overcrowding it and placing everything on the start page. Distribute your content evenly.
  • Hard to use interface: Customers will tell you that there is nothing as frustrating as going to a website and struggling to find how to navigate through. If they cannot get to the search bar or other navigation tabs, then you can be sure that they will leave within seconds and never return.
  • Poor images and videos: A good website uses different multimedia tools to break up the monotony of text. However, if your site has low-quality pictures and videos, then it looks unprofessional, and nobody will want to interact with it. Your images and videos should also be compressed enough so that they do not slow down your website.
  • Not being mobile-friendly: The number of people using their mobile phones to get to the web is increasing fast. You should catch up with the times and ensure your design allows for people with mobile phones to interact with your content.
  • Your website is not reader-friendly: There are many things to consider when coming up with a design which ensures your content is readable. Your font size should not be so small that people have to strain to read. You should also use a good background and avoid clutter.