Undoubtedly it is a known fact that having a mobile app is a crucial tenet to any online presence. Having a great mobile app can enhance your business prospects in many ways. For instance, mobile apps have been shown to foster customer loyalty among mobile users, which keeps them coming back for more. The key to making it as far as mobile app use is to enlist the services of renowned developers.

While most people might try to mimic the success enjoyed by top mobile apps such as Instagram and app for bingo.com, other players in this industry have humbler online goals. Irrespective of the nature of your online objectives, it is clear that the app market is exploding and businesses have to invest in mobile apps to match the competition.

Some apps have successfully managed to stand out from the crowd. You will realise that some of these apps share several characteristics that place them worlds apart. Here are some essential features which define a great mobile app.

Optimal User Interface (UI)

Impressions can make or break your online prospects. Every great app is designed to offer an unobtrusive, simple, and beautiful interface. Part of making the UI amazing also involves addressing the fundamental needs of the user – solve a problem or add value.

Fast Loading Times

All great apps load in an instant. An app that takes forever to load can be an instant turn-off to a user. The loading times are often indicative of high performance. In the case of an app like Facebook, which takes some time to load due to the large volume of data, you will realise that they will always inform the user that the app is loading while they wait.

Reliable Customer Support

Dependable customer support is a defining factor in any mobile app. This quality is meant to make life easy for users that are not tech-savvy. All great apps have an active support staff to address the concerns of the users as soon as they possibly can – probably within a few seconds, minutes or a few hours in some cases.

Mobile Friendly

Another attribute of a great mobile app is that they are compatible with the mobile platforms they are designed for. In light of this, the natural qualities of the smartphone or tablets browsers are considered during the design phase. With common features that fit the framework of the app, the best user experience is almost guaranteed.